• Do you speak English?

> Yes we speak English.


• Do you accept VAT forms?

> Yes we accept VAT forms, for purchases over 1000€.


• Can I pay with US Dollars or Credit Card?

> We accept US Dollars.

> Payment with Credit Card is at the moment not possible.


• Do I need an Appointment to visit you?

> For on Post Advice / Installation you need an Appointment.

> Please Contact us.

> For Heilbronn you can visit us on our Store Hours.

> Visit us for an Advice, we are pleased to make you an Offer with all Costs.


• Do you have an Install Service?

> Yes, we install our Mobil Media Components in your Car.

> We also Install your own Mobil Media Parts!

> If we have to Install your own Parts,

> please bring your Parts for showing on your visit.

> If you accept our Offer, you receive an Appointment for Install Service.

> On Post Install at the Auto Skills Center is possible via Sign in.


• Do you have Experience with US Cars or US Parts?

> Yes, we installed many US Cars in the Past.

> We also sell Install Acessory Products from Stateside.


• What kind of Products I can buy?

> We sell and install Car Audio / Mobil Media Parts such as:

•Car Stereo Headunits

•Multimedia & Navigation Systems

•Speakers & Subwoofers


•Handsfree Kits

•Mounting Parts and Acessory


• What is offerd me on Site?

> In Heilbronn - Store and Workshop with Advice.


• How I can contact you?

> Write us an eMail with your Request, give us a Call, use WhatsApp or Facebook.


• I´m from other German Based Garrisons is that a Problem?

> No that´s not a Problem.

> We installed many Cars in the Past for other German Based US Customers.

Talk to us ! 


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